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“Healthy” Mexican Cake

I put “healthy” in quotes, because let’s be honest, cake will never be healthy. It may be low-fat or vegan or sugar-free, but it will never be healthy.  It’s cake.  It’s meant to be an indulgent treat, an unearned reward … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! Waffles!

I’m not quite sure why Better Homes & Gardens refers to these as “Oh Boy” waffles, but here’s a nice, simple recipe for some waffles that I jazzed up just a little bit with some spices I refer to as … Continue reading

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XoCo – Chicago, IL

My need to NOT be that guy who writes headlines like “XoCo is LOCO” is in a constant internal struggle with the guy who on occasion loves such incredibly horrid word play.  But Chef Rick Bayless has earned a little … Continue reading

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Limited Edition Rockin Nut Road Snickers

It wasn’t a good idea, nor did I think it was a good idea, but I grabbed one of the new Limited Edition Rockin Nut Road Snickers that I recently saw popping up at the local Walgreens (on sale 2 … Continue reading

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Episode 8: Gods, Peanut Butter & Bagels

The most opinionated, least researched show about Chicago, her suburbs, and her culture. This week, can Mike & Katie convince themselves that anything involving the words peanut butter and cream cheese is healthy? Could it be true? Did out mothers … Continue reading

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(Slightly Healthier) Peanut Butter Cookie Pie

I’m pretty sure that whoever decided to mix peanut butter and chocolate together will eventually be dained a saint by some group of people.  It is without a doubt may favorite sugary sweet.  Reese’s may as well have a monthly … Continue reading

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Chocolate Dipped, Red Velvet Cake Balls

There’s no more a sure fire way to turn an entire office into a giggling bunch of grade school kids than to bring in any ball-shaped dessert.  Ball jokes have been flying at me fast and furious since 2 PM.  … Continue reading

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Episode 2: Not Responsible For 2nd Degree Cheese Burns

Get the new episode here! Or subscribe on iTunes (Pretty please?) The Least Researched, Most Opinionated Podcast About Food in Chicago! Two Bites in Suburbia returns for an action packed second episode as we discuss feedback from the premier episode, … Continue reading

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S’mores Cookies

My friend sent me this recipe asking if I’ve ever tried something like it before. I hadn’t, but that didn’t stop me from going right out for the supplies and making them this morning. I did tart them up a … Continue reading

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