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“Healthy” Mexican Cake

I put “healthy” in quotes, because let’s be honest, cake will never be healthy. It may be low-fat or vegan or sugar-free, but it will never be healthy.  It’s cake.  It’s meant to be an indulgent treat, an unearned reward … Continue reading

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Breakfast Cereal Muffins

Breakfast is the greatest meal on earth.  You sit me down in front of a perfectly made 3 egg omelet stuffed with cheese and I will be a happy man.  Toss in a side of hash browns and pancakes, and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian “Beef” Sukiyaki

It’s been a Swank diet week here in the Two Bites kitchens. We’re attempting to eat healthier, and for the most part we’re succeeding.  We just need to stop eating out on the weekends, and stick to the menu we … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Cream of “Chicken” & Mushroom Soup

As is usually the case, summer has disappeared a little too quickly here in Chicago.  Normally I don’t mind the lack of 90 degree temperatures, but they were in even shorter supply than normal this year, leaving it feeling more … Continue reading

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Recipe – Black Bean Sloppy Joes

I love me some sloppy joes.  It’s one of those dishes that fills my childhood memory.  American comfort food was the name of the cooking game when I was growing; nothing different from most other families really.  But a few … Continue reading

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Recipe – Meaty Mushroom Stroganoff

Ooooh, Mike’s actually posting a recipe.  I know, wonder of wonders.  I could give you a list of excuses, but really, there’s no point.  The only reason I haven’t been baking is because it was TOO DAMN HOT OUT to … Continue reading

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Honey – Glen Ellyn, IL

I haven’t been to Glen Ellyn often.  It’s one of those cities that just never really hits my radar.  I can even tell you the last time I was there.  It was the summer of 2000.  I was but a … Continue reading

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Sure…As Natural As Joan Rivers’ Face

Slashfood wrote earlier today: Recently, the Corn Refiners Association announced that they are launching a $30 million advertising campaign that is aimed at convincing consumers that HFCS is a natural compound, fundamentally the same as honey. Of course, unlike honey, … Continue reading

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Episode 6: MRIs, Encased Meats & Margaritos

Twobitme & Katie return from their 2 week hiatus to discuss Hot Doug’s, Red Mango, Genghis Grill, along with a plethora of other edible fun. They also discuss an update on Mike’s health. The least researched, most opinionated podcast about … Continue reading

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Offtopic: Mike K.O.’s MS

I went to my neurologist yesterday to have my first MRI in 3 years.  I treat the MS as sort of an “out of sight, out of mind” disorder, so since it wasn’t bothering me, why pay for tests I … Continue reading

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