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Vegetarian Haggis. Wait…what?!

My mother and sister returned recently from their trip abroad to the U.K. Nestled in their pack of usual souvenirs (T-Shirts, Snow Globes, Statues) was possibly the most coolest/nastiest/vomit-inducing gift I’ve ever received. I speak about Stahly Quality Foods Vegetarian … Continue reading

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April Fool’s In Chicago & The Foodverse

Did you know that Grant Achatz of Alinea is working with McDonald’s? It’s true according to Gaper’s Block. The Chicago Reader’s Omnivorous profiles a new restaurant that you’ll never be allowed inside. Peek inside The Crib. Slashfood discusses the very … Continue reading

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Unicef’s Tap Project

In keeping with the awareness theme this week, whether it be Multiple Sclerosis or lizards in salads (*blurg*), a co-worker forwarded me a link to another worthy semi-food related starting next week. Unicef’s Tap Week is teaming with a host … Continue reading

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Local Chefs Support MS Awareness Week in Chicago

Something I don’t believe I’ve talked about here on Two Bites is my special interest in Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. I was diagnosed with MS in May of 2001, so I’ll shortly be celebrating my 7th anniversary with the rather … Continue reading

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