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Doritos: The Quest – New Mystery Flavor

I walked into 7-11 yesterday and did my normal stroll around the candy and chip aisle when I discovered something so terrifying that I knew that I had to buy them. Doritos is at it again. Another mystery bag. Another … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Haggis. Wait…what?!

My mother and sister returned recently from their trip abroad to the U.K. Nestled in their pack of usual souvenirs (T-Shirts, Snow Globes, Statues) was possibly the most coolest/nastiest/vomit-inducing gift I’ve ever received. I speak about Stahly Quality Foods Vegetarian … Continue reading

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Bacon Salt. It Exists. And It Is Good.

My office smells like bacon. Not just a little, but as if we were hosting a bacon buffet in our tiny little encoding room. And it’s been lingering for a couple hours now. I did this. And there was no … Continue reading

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Double Cheese Cheetos

Dear Double Cheese Cheetos, You had me at Double Cheese.  The Limited Edition tag was just a little extra marketing to convince I needed to buy you.  Who wouldn’t want double the mysterious cheese flavor you provide?  Who wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos

Holy sweet hell.  Human evolution and the science of man have finally created the perfect snack food.  All other companies can stop.  There is no need to continue.  When we die, we will be greeted in whatever afterlife you believe … Continue reading

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Thank You, Come Again

In case some of you haven’t heard, there’s a small indie film coming out at the end of the month called The Simpsons Movie.  I don’t know if it has much of a fan base or not.  But, who’s to … Continue reading

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I must have these

I have literally tried every incarnation of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as they come out.  My favorite was the Dark Chocolate, my least favorite being the Honey Roasted.  I felt like my head was dunked into a beehive when that … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan’s XGT Energy Drink

This one took me by surprise.  The last thing I was expecting when I walked into Walgreen’s on Friday was to see Jackie Chan’s face staring at me from a sample pack of powdered energy drink.  For 99 cents, I … Continue reading

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Wrigley’s 5

According to Wrigley… “Teens, who are constantly seeking opportunities to experience something out of the ordinary, are also the most frequent gum chewers of any age group and account for one-third of all gum chewed in the U.S.,” said Martin … Continue reading

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Vanilla Coke Zero

In honor of the release of Vanilla Coke Zero, I have written a haiku: No Longer Remember a taste Vanilla, it did abound But now, only ass

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