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Tom Colicchio Wants Your Money

Look, I like Top Chef.  It’s one of the only reality shows I actually watch and enjoy.  The other?  Wipeout.  Who doesn’t love seeing people try jumping over ridiculously large balls?  But that’s not the point of this post.  The … Continue reading

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Little Gordon Returns

Little Gordon Ramsay returns!  This time he brings his adorably foul mouth to the school cafeteria to go after the substandard sausages being offered up at the school. Click on Little Gordon to be taken to the new video.

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Ortega Tacos’ Unintentionally Perverse Shawn Johnson Ad

I can’t tell if the people at Ortega honestly didn’t realize what they were getting a 16-year-old girl to say, or if this is some of the smartest, most subversive, sex-sells advertising I’ve seen since Joe Camel’s Penis Nose.

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Foodies For Obama

Love food?  Love Obama?  Join the Facebook Group “Foodies for Obama.”  We all know I loathe the term foodie, but I was browsing around the interwebs to see if I could find any Obama related food bits, and had to … Continue reading

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Schweppe – Lombard, IL

Gadget freaks, food lovers, Chicago suburbanites, run, don’t walk to Schweppe out in Lombard.  They’re a restaurant wholesaler that is also open to the public.  We were able to acquire one dozen flatware sets for all of 12 bucks yesterday.  … Continue reading

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Little Gordon Ramsay

These may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all month: You can sign up for video update alerts over on Little Gordon

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Coming Soon, The Danny Bonaduce Dining Experience

Danny Bonaduce and porn actress, Raquel Devine, are opening an “anti-Hollywood” restaurant, poking fun at the dark side of Tinsel Town. Well, this just doesn’t sound right at all.  But that being said, I’ll be one of the first people … Continue reading

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World’s Smallest Hamburger Combo

To balance out the blog, create a healthy yin to the overeating yang, I present this link to you found over on “The World’s Smallest Burger, Fries & Soda.” The best part?  It’s absolutely edible.  From the individual slices … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Gastrosexual

Okay.  We all know I hate the word foodie.  It’s been oft discussed.  But, I’ll take (begrudgingly) being labeled that any day of the week compared to what The Daily Telegraph is reporting as the rise of the “gastrosexual.” A … Continue reading

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Raising Your Own Yeast Babies

I am a lazy baker.  Aside from the fact that I haven’t made a baked loaf of anything in several weeks is testament to that.  Oh, I have recipes, but with our impending move I just don’t have the time … Continue reading

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