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Why I Can’t Be Vegan – Soy Cheese

In my early days of going vegetarian, I briefly flirted with the idea of just dropping all animal products and trying out veganism. I figured I was able to cut out red meat, chicken and fish pretty much (I realize … Continue reading

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Hello Reddit Visitors!

I wanted to welcome all the people clicking on the Reddit link to my page.  Hello.  How do you do.  Hopefully you’ll find some other things around here that will keep you interested.  If not, thanks for visiting!

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Warren Ellis in the Kitchen

If you want some recipes, written like no one but Warren Ellis can do, check out his Experiments in Food post. A couple choice passages from his Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Garlic Mash: “Open a bottle of beer…a proper beer, … Continue reading

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Hot Beef Sundae

Never let your parents tell you again that you can’t have dessert for dinner!  Thank you Nebraska for cracking the code and making the world safe dessert dinner eaters. What comes in a Hot Beef Sundae?  Glad you asked: Golden … Continue reading

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Little Gordon Returns

Little Gordon Ramsay returns!  This time he brings his adorably foul mouth to the school cafeteria to go after the substandard sausages being offered up at the school. Click on Little Gordon to be taken to the new video.

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Ortega Tacos’ Unintentionally Perverse Shawn Johnson Ad

I can’t tell if the people at Ortega honestly didn’t realize what they were getting a 16-year-old girl to say, or if this is some of the smartest, most subversive, sex-sells advertising I’ve seen since Joe Camel’s Penis Nose.

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Pushing Daisies Pie Hole Tour

When I’m not pretending to be an expert baker, my other hobby is definitely television.  Although, honestly, the writers’ strike did indeed put a bit of a kibosh on my enjoyment of the medium.  Where as before I would make … Continue reading

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Foodies For Obama

Love food?  Love Obama?  Join the Facebook Group “Foodies for Obama.”  We all know I loathe the term foodie, but I was browsing around the interwebs to see if I could find any Obama related food bits, and had to … Continue reading

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Schweppe – Lombard, IL

Gadget freaks, food lovers, Chicago suburbanites, run, don’t walk to Schweppe out in Lombard.  They’re a restaurant wholesaler that is also open to the public.  We were able to acquire one dozen flatware sets for all of 12 bucks yesterday.  … Continue reading

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Hot (Sauce) Comments About Eating Challenges Week

A couple of friends here at work took the time and effort to leave some stories about their own experiences with hot sauce that should never be ingested, so I thought I’d share. Up first is Jen, about her slightly … Continue reading

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