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Little Gordon Ramsay

These may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all month: You can sign up for video update alerts over on Little Gordon

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Almost like live blogging

Mike now has the ability to blog on his phone? Watch out world! I’m like the lawnmower man or something.

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The Rise of the Gastrosexual

Okay.  We all know I hate the word foodie.  It’s been oft discussed.  But, I’ll take (begrudgingly) being labeled that any day of the week compared to what The Daily Telegraph is reporting as the rise of the “gastrosexual.” A … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade Yells at Kellogg’s

In what may be the funniest food review I’ve personally read this week, Gabe over at Penny Arcade calls Kellogg’s to task for release LEGO shaped fun snacks. For those who can’t see the image or the text is just … Continue reading

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Fat Bottomed Pears

I’ve never had a piece of fruit basically tell me to “Bite my ass.”  Today, the pear I picked up for a snack broke that dry spell. I thought this would be a perfect companion piece to my recipe about … Continue reading

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April Fool’s In Chicago & The Foodverse

Did you know that Grant Achatz of Alinea is working with McDonald’s? It’s true according to Gaper’s Block. The Chicago Reader’s Omnivorous profiles a new restaurant that you’ll never be allowed inside. Peek inside The Crib. Slashfood discusses the very … Continue reading

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On The Subject of Bacon

Also in keeping with this week’s theme, I present to you Bacon Cups. Yes.  You heard me right.  Bacon Cups. I wonder how Bacon Salt would taste on these?

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Jose Andres on Conan O’Brien

It’s baaaaaaaack. I’ve embedded the video of the segment below. Jose Andres, another student of Ferran Adria, appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien Tuesday evening. Not only do they make a “Heart in the Clouds” drink, a.k.a. The Conando, … Continue reading

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FoodCandy Shows Us The Love

I received an e-mail over the weekend that FoodCandy would be featuring my recent review of Skinny Bitch in the Kitch on the front page of their esteemed website.  Just thought I’d return the love by sending people over to … Continue reading

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Graham Elliott Opens Graham Elliott

It turns out my source, who I never doubted, was right.  This just in from Dish: Graham Elliot Bowles, the supremely talented four-star chef at Avenues (Peninsula Chicago, 108 E. Superior St.; 312-573-6754) for the past four years, is leaving … Continue reading

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