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Consumer Reports: “Why Your Favorite Fast Food Sucks/Rules”

The newly released Consumer Reports article isn’t going to shock anyone in terms of what they discovered when rating the fast food world of burgers, pizzas, tacos and chicken. It may shock you to learn that they think (insert your … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Be Vegan – Soy Cheese

In my early days of going vegetarian, I briefly flirted with the idea of just dropping all animal products and trying out veganism. I figured I was able to cut out red meat, chicken and fish pretty much (I realize … Continue reading

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Ian’s Pizza – Chicago, IL

Ian’s Pizza serves up single slices of pizza that can only be described as Frankenstein-ian in nature.  Toppings that by all rights shouldn’t be anywhere near a pizza crust somehow come together to create some pretty tasty slices of my … Continue reading

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Chi-Town Pizzeria – Chicago, IL

Let me get this out of the way right now by saying this is in no way, shape or form Chicago style pizza.  Don’t e-mail me and say I’m a traitor to the term pizza, or I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Eat It! Celebrating Eating Challenges – Day 4

*It would help if I actually pressed publish on this article.  Sorry for the delay* This is the kind of challenge after my own heart.  Yes.  Even I would have a hard time trying not to attempt to eat a … Continue reading

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Next Week is Eating Competition Week!

The Homewrecker post was such a big hit with friends and web people that I’ve decided for the next week (possibly two), I’ll be featuring all the eating competition and disgustingly oversized meals that have been forwarded my way. If … Continue reading

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Two Bites in Suburbia – Episode 3: Judgement Donkey

Twobitme interviews Gordon Ramsay! Twobitme and K80 also discuss some of their favorite pizza around Chicago and its suburbs, but not before reviewing Molly’s Cupcakes and Purgatory Pizza on the North Side. *Show Notes Will Be Up Later This Afternoon* … Continue reading

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