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Saturday Night Dinner: Peanut & “Chicken” Soup

Saturday nights were usually reserved for our traditional beer and pizza night, but with our usual go-to pizza place changing up their recipe to something that barely resembles what we fell in love with we’re currently cooking dinner ourselves.  This … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! Waffles!

I’m not quite sure why Better Homes & Gardens refers to these as “Oh Boy” waffles, but here’s a nice, simple recipe for some waffles that I jazzed up just a little bit with some spices I refer to as … Continue reading

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“Chicken” Noodle Soup For The Winter-Crushed Soul

At this point I wish that either the Skinny Bitches would come out with a new cookbook, or hire me for their PR team.  I think every vegan/vegetarian I talk cookbooks with is surprised to hear that the Skinny Bitches … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Pumpkin Cheesecake w/ Gingersnap Crust

The time of year when you can actually use the excuse “It’s the holidays” in a court of law to cover your (ever-growing) ass as you gorge for 4 straight weeks is upon us once again.  And that means it … Continue reading

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Breakfast Cereal Muffins

Breakfast is the greatest meal on earth.  You sit me down in front of a perfectly made 3 egg omelet stuffed with cheese and I will be a happy man.  Toss in a side of hash browns and pancakes, and … Continue reading

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Seitan Meatballs w/ Simple Winter Tomato Sauce

I used to subscribe to Vegetarian Times religiously when I first became a vegetarian.  I tried caring about the carrots and the sticks they doled out.  I even pretended to care about the alternative health information they were trying to … Continue reading

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Vegetarian “Beef” Sukiyaki

It’s been a Swank diet week here in the Two Bites kitchens. We’re attempting to eat healthier, and for the most part we’re succeeding.  We just need to stop eating out on the weekends, and stick to the menu we … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Cream of “Chicken” & Mushroom Soup

As is usually the case, summer has disappeared a little too quickly here in Chicago.  Normally I don’t mind the lack of 90 degree temperatures, but they were in even shorter supply than normal this year, leaving it feeling more … Continue reading

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Veggie Chicken Peanut Ginger Curry w/ Rice

What happens when you just randomly try experimenting with recipes?  You tend to over prepare; which is exactly what happened when I made my peanut ginger sauce two weeks ago.  The ice cream I finally made used maybe 1/8 cup … Continue reading

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Simple Taco Soup

Who doesn’t love easy?  Ten hour work days and hours of comicon recovery time has left me with little initiative to get any food prepped for the week.  But alas, the leftovers are gone, and I’m forced to throw something … Continue reading

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