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A Very Fritz Pastry Q&A

I met up with Elaine Heaney, Nathaniel Meads and Jared Nance, the partners behind Fritz Pastry, a couple weeks before their grand opening to talk about a variety of topics, including why they decided now was the time to open … Continue reading

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Chutney Joe’s – Chicago

There are pros and cons to Chutney Joe’s in the South Loop.  Pro?  Because it’s not a buffet there’s no way to gorge yourself on samosas and pakora.  Con?  Because it’s not a buffet there’s no way to gorge yourself … Continue reading

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Cafecito – Chicago, IL

Being a vegetarian, I cannot tell you if the South Loop’s Cafecito is a place to get a good cubano sandwich.  Many people would even wonder why I would try to review a place with a culture so heavily based … Continue reading

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Chi-Town Pizzeria – Chicago, IL

Let me get this out of the way right now by saying this is in no way, shape or form Chicago style pizza.  Don’t e-mail me and say I’m a traitor to the term pizza, or I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Oven-Fried “Chicken” w/ Cornbread

Yes, we still exist.  No, we haven’t forsaken you internet world!  Between being hit by a stomach flu that knocked both Katie and me on our collective asses for over a week, and just trying to work as little overtime … Continue reading

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McDonald’s To Offer Individual McNuggets

When I first heard the rumblings that McDonald’s was going to be offering up individual McNuggets for a mere quarter in some markets, all I could think of was this Chris Rock moment from the classic I’m Gonna Git You … Continue reading

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Chicago Curry House – Chicago, IL

We’re off to vegas for a week, but I figure this will give me a chance to write some twitted like reviews. First up, we stopped at the recently opened Chicago Curry House in the South Loop after finishing up … Continue reading

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Conquering The Belly Bruiser

Someone finally did it.  A Pennsylvania man spent nearly 5 hours digging into Denny’s Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser, the 15 pound burger (before condiments) I talked about during my Food Competition week. It took Brad Sciullo 4 hours and 39 … Continue reading

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Cala Cakes – Mike’s New Favorite Fried Food

When I was warned about the hearty food that New Orleans cooked, I figured it would be mostly because they just loved using butter and lard instead of the healthier ingredients of their Yankee cousins.  And while I’m sure this … Continue reading

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Tom Colicchio Wants Your Money

Look, I like Top Chef.  It’s one of the only reality shows I actually watch and enjoy.  The other?  Wipeout.  Who doesn’t love seeing people try jumping over ridiculously large balls?  But that’s not the point of this post.  The … Continue reading

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