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Episode 9: Jugs, Thugs & You Say Goodbye, We Say Hello

Tonight, Mike & Katie wonder just how dumb people can be.  Do we really need schooling on how to pour milk?  We say goodbye to two of our favorite restaurants, and hello to two new welcome additions.  Mike takes on … Continue reading

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Cilantro Grill in Romeoville Under New Management

We met up at Crispy Waffle with a reporter for the Naperville Sun this morning to be part of a feature on local food bloggers.  We were surprised to see that Cilantro Grill is no more.  Instead we have a … Continue reading

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Episode 7: Closed Doors, Severed Limbs, and Vegetarian Gumbo

The only Thai cuisine restaurant in Romeoville closes not with a bang but a whimper.  Mike and Katie introduce and discuss Machine Girl, the first in the Two Bites in Suburbia Dinner Movie Series.  And Mike heads down to New … Continue reading

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K.T. Thai Cuisine Shutters Its Doors

The only Thai place in the Romeoville area has apparently closed up shop.  When and why it happened, I don’t have any word on, but when driving by it today to pick up some pizza at Rosati’s, the store front … Continue reading

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An H.P. Schmaltz Holiday Offer

I was contacted by someone working for H.P. Schmaltz this week.  They so liked my write up on their store that they wanted to include a link to it in their newsletter.  I told them they were more than welcome, … Continue reading

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The Epic Michael’s Pizza Conclusion

Saturday was supposed to be sushi day for Katie and myself. We were meeting a friend in Naperville for some Wild Tuna deliciousness; the keyword being WERE. He apparently “ate something” the night before that was making him “nearly vomit” … Continue reading

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Pizza Culpa

A while back I wrote up the various pizzas in my area. Pizza is a subjective thing. Where some people love one company’s sauce, others can’t find a good thing to say about it. Katie and I seldom agree on … Continue reading

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Pizza in Romeoville

I thought I’d talk a bit about the pizza places around Romeoville, especially since I just gorged at Old World Original Pizza & Fat Ricky’s this afternoon. I have my favorites, my least favorites, and one that fills both of … Continue reading

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Cilantro Mexican Grill & Bar – Romeoville, IL

If there’s two types of restaurants I’m constantly on the lookout for, it’s a good Mexican and good Indian food. Although, I’m always looking for some Chinese food, too. And pizza. And Italian. Fuck. That’s not going to work. I’m … Continue reading

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K.T. Thai Cuisine – Romeoville, IL

**NOTE: KT Thai Cuisine Now Closed** It saddens me to write this review, because at one point K.T. Thai Cuisine was my favorite restaurant in Romeoville. The staff knew my name, because I ordered the same thing for lunch two … Continue reading

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