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Saturday Night Dinner: Peanut & “Chicken” Soup

Saturday nights were usually reserved for our traditional beer and pizza night, but with our usual go-to pizza place changing up their recipe to something that barely resembles what we fell in love with we’re currently cooking dinner ourselves.  This … Continue reading

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“Chicken” Noodle Soup For The Winter-Crushed Soul

At this point I wish that either the Skinny Bitches would come out with a new cookbook, or hire me for their PR team.  I think every vegan/vegetarian I talk cookbooks with is surprised to hear that the Skinny Bitches … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Cream of “Chicken” & Mushroom Soup

As is usually the case, summer has disappeared a little too quickly here in Chicago.  Normally I don’t mind the lack of 90 degree temperatures, but they were in even shorter supply than normal this year, leaving it feeling more … Continue reading

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Simple Taco Soup

Who doesn’t love easy?  Ten hour work days and hours of comicon recovery time has left me with little initiative to get any food prepped for the week.  But alas, the leftovers are gone, and I’m forced to throw something … Continue reading

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Bacon-y Cheese-y Potato & Cauliflower Chowder

I subscribe to a lot of e-mail recipe lists.  A LOT.  And of all the recipes I receive everyday, only a few actually make me want to go out, buy the ingredients and cook it up.  Most of them sound … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Drop Dumpling Soup

It’s apparently “Comfort Food Week” in the kitchen of Mike and Katie.  It could be due to the weather getting colder, or it could be because I think I’m coming down with a cold.  Either way, between the cookies, the … Continue reading

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Recipe – Vegetarian Fiesta Con Queso Soup

Fans of Panera soup may recognize this soup. Every other year or so, around the fall season/Chrismas time, Panera unleashes what is easily their best soup ever. You heard me right. EVER. Ask around. Ask the people I spent 6 … Continue reading

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Recipe – Clear Soup with Spinach and Tofu

I was asked by a friend to post this recipe for a soup that she still talks about nearly a decade after I first made it. It’s a simple Thai soup that’s both hearty yet light (Is that possible?). It’s … Continue reading

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