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Disturbing Restaurants Abroad

I have to share this before I go to bed.’s 8 Most Terrifying Restaurants.

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Too Cute To Eat

This week may end up being a “Hey look at this link!” sorta week.  I’m typing from my mother’s laptop, my entire life currently in a 10×10 storage unit.  It’s truly a bizarre feeling to realize your entire life takes … Continue reading

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Guttenberg’s Steak House

Forget Danny Bonaduce!  Steve Guttenberg wants you to come to his steak house! Check out the commercial here.

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Episode 6: Postponed

While I received nothing but good news from my doctor today regarding the progression, or more importantly lack thereof, of my Multiple Sclerosis, my battery of tests took longer than I thought.  So instead of getting the podcast edited and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Haggis. Wait…what?!

My mother and sister returned recently from their trip abroad to the U.K. Nestled in their pack of usual souvenirs (T-Shirts, Snow Globes, Statues) was possibly the most coolest/nastiest/vomit-inducing gift I’ve ever received. I speak about Stahly Quality Foods Vegetarian … Continue reading

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Chocolate Dipped, Red Velvet Cake Balls

There’s no more a sure fire way to turn an entire office into a giggling bunch of grade school kids than to bring in any ball-shaped dessert.  Ball jokes have been flying at me fast and furious since 2 PM.  … Continue reading

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How To Make Pancakes Like A Crack Addict

I just had to share this truly bizarre link shared with me earlier today. How To Make Pancakes Like A Crack Addict

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You’ll Put Your Eye Out!

Katie and I enjoy cooking together, even if I’m a little more Nazi-like upon first trying a new recipe. I believe that you should try it by the book first and go from there. And sweet hell, when it comes … Continue reading

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Updated San Francisco Eats

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Pizza Culpa

A while back I wrote up the various pizzas in my area. Pizza is a subjective thing. Where some people love one company’s sauce, others can’t find a good thing to say about it. Katie and I seldom agree on … Continue reading

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