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Little Gordon Returns

Little Gordon Ramsay returns!  This time he brings his adorably foul mouth to the school cafeteria to go after the substandard sausages being offered up at the school. Click on Little Gordon to be taken to the new video.

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Ortega Tacos’ Unintentionally Perverse Shawn Johnson Ad

I can’t tell if the people at Ortega honestly didn’t realize what they were getting a 16-year-old girl to say, or if this is some of the smartest, most subversive, sex-sells advertising I’ve seen since Joe Camel’s Penis Nose.

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ABC’s Hungry Hound Drools Over Blue Water Grill’s Cracker Jack Sundae

I am not embarrassed to be free advertising for my friend and the skills he shares with everyone ordering a dessert from his restaurant. He’s not only one of the most talented pasty chefs I know, he’s humble, funny, and … Continue reading

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Jose Andres on Conan O’Brien

It’s baaaaaaaack. I’ve embedded the video of the segment below. Jose Andres, another student of Ferran Adria, appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien Tuesday evening. Not only do they make a “Heart in the Clouds” drink, a.k.a. The Conando, … Continue reading

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