An H.P. Schmaltz Holiday Offer

I was contacted by someone working for H.P. Schmaltz this week.  They so liked my write up on their store that they wanted to include a link to it in their newsletter.  I told them they were more than welcome, because of how much I liked the deli.  As a thank you, I was given a coupon for my next meal.  But it’s no ordinary coupon, because they told me I was allowed to share it with my reading audience.

Your online coupon for the Naperville store is “twobite” without the quotes.  You can get to the Naperville ordering from our home page ( in the Quick Links section.  You’ll get a free soda & side combo with your Original Overstuffed Sandwich.  Just order your sandwich and the soda & side, and you’ll see the discount at checkout.  It is valid from today through December 31.  Only one coupon per person, per day, blah, blah.  Feel free to post it for your readers.

So, if you’re interested in trying out the deli, now’s your chance.  I recommend either the Jalapeno Dirty Chips or the Sesame Noodle Salad.  Looks like we’ll be going out there again before the week is through.

Let me take this moment to thank Kristin and the H.P. Schmaltz owners for their kind gratitude to myself and everyone reading.  This kind of service is exactly why I started writing the food blog.  I wanted to get the word out on the smaller places that might be overlooked otherwise.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  Deck the halls with latkes and blintzes!

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