Cilantro Grill in Romeoville Under New Management

We met up at Crispy Waffle with a reporter for the Naperville Sun this morning to be part of a feature on local food bloggers.  We were surprised to see that Cilantro Grill is no more.  Instead we have a Pepe’s.  I didn’t even know Pepe’s were still around, much less in Romeoville.

This is some disappointing news for people who were as addicted to their Sweet Potato Fries as we were.  The reporter mentioned she’s going to miss the mole sauce most of all.

Damn you chain restaurants!

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2 Responses to Cilantro Grill in Romeoville Under New Management

  1. Chris says:

    It was a shame when Cilantro had to close. The owner, Danni, passed away suddenly. It was a shame. Terri, his wife, just couldn’t keep it going. it was our absolute favorite restaurant.

    I heard the Pepes is good, but it’s no Cilantro

  2. Eileen says:

    Living no less than 10 minutes from Cilantro, we were so sad. We had talked it up and drove over with my mother in law only to find a big sign that said coming soon, Pepe’s. My favorite local place. Bah!

    Actually, I found your blog months ago by googling Cilantro. Now I’m an avid reader….

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