The Naperville Sun Proves We’re Nearly Legit

Holy crap!  We’re in a newspaper.  In the Wednesday, July 9, edition of the Naperville Sun Katie and I are interviewed with a couple other local-area foodbloggers about why we blog.  It was a neat little honor to be included in the article, and I’m glad she didn’t include some more of my inflammatory comments.

Because I’ve been taken out of context before, mostly in a Joliet Herald article years ago about my art show, I was convinced that I would get the article, only to see it titled, “Michael Rank Says ‘I Ain’t No Effin’ Foodie!'”  Luckily, she was much kinder to me than I probably deserve.

Everyone’s favorite quote seems to be,

Although he eschews meat, Rank, 32, admits he will try “pretty much anything,” while Lindgren retains a dash of the “horribly picky eater” she was for the first two decades of her 26 years.

“I’m sorry if bacon, egg and cheese crackers don’t appeal to me,” she told Rank, though it was clear she wasn’t really all that sorry about it.

You can read the full article on the Naperville Sun website, but I recommend rushing out and buying several copies.  We’ll even sign them for you, if you mail them to me with a SASE.  Everyone should have a little brush with fame before we sky rocket to the Food Network heavens!

One can only assume that the next logical step for us is a Food Network series, followed by a collection of popular cook books.  Ultimately I’m hoping to be in a death match against Alton Brown and Rachel Ray, with my weapons of choice.  We’ll show their pretty faces what for!

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5 Responses to The Naperville Sun Proves We’re Nearly Legit

  1. TwobitMe says:

    Jen – Shut it!

    Marie – Congrats to you, too! We’re no longer just internet famous!

    Lori – Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea. There’s no lagging in Joliet. Most of my friends come from the J-Town area.

  2. Lori Gilmore says:

    Hi — Joliet lags a bit behind the progressive folks in Naperville. . .but in today’s family section you are featured as well. Be prepared to be stalked by the paparazzi!

  3. Marie says:

    Big congrats on the Sun article!! I was glad to be in your company!

  4. Jen says:

    ha ha yer a foodie noooowww!

  5. CM'Blog says:

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