Cafe – Chicago, IL

delicious logoIf only I were a coffee-nerd.  I think I’d feel right at home at Cafe up in North Center if I enjoyed coffee as much as Kevin Porter does.  Because, the dude loves coffee.  He has that glimmer in his eye when he describes the Chemex system they have.  I had to nod my head as if I knew what he was talking about.  I have a Senseo machine at home that I got for free.  I don’t love coffee as much as Kevin Porter.  But I’m okay with that.

Even if you don’t love coffee, there’s still plenty to like about the small cafe that took over the old Stubbs stomping grounds.  The menu is simple and affordable, and between Kevin and his wife Chelsea there’s enough friendliness to go around.

The sandwiches are something your mom would make, from the easy grilled cheese, to the artery clogging PB&J with bananas.  I personally went for the tofu eggless egg salad.  I have a history with tofu versions of egg salads.  I don’t like most of them.  But I have to say, Chelsea succeeded where places like Whole Foods failed.  It wasn’t over seasoned, and relied mostly on the texture of the salad to win you over.  Mission accomplished.  Achievement unlocked.  I’m a fan.

mst03_026The desserts are awesome;  brought in from the soon-to-open Fritz Pastry (  We know the propieters-in-waiting for Fritz, so we expected nothing less.  The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious, sweet but not overly so.  The best part?  Treats like cupcakes aren’t 4 dollars a pop.  They’re actually affordable at TWO DOLLARS.  You can get TWO cupcakes for the price of one couture treat.  Spend 4 dollars and you get an ENTIRE cake slice.  Who ever heard of affordable pastries in this crazy couture world?

I can’t wait to see how grows.  There’s already talk of coffee tastings, but I’m interested to see if the menu expands.  I’d love to see some vegetarian soups to go along with the sandwiches.  It would be a great little lunch combo for vegetarians.

And how was the coffee?  Let me just say that Katie, avowed coffee hater, quite enjoyed the sip of my latte.  So that should say something.


Eggless Egg Salad

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