Burger King Joins The Potato Chip Craze

For those of you worried that you would never taste the savory sweets of Dorito’s X-13D chips again, I have come to give you the greatest news you will have this month.

Burger King has introduced a line of “potato snacks.” You can either pick up your very own bag of “Flame Broiled” or “Ketchup & Fries.”  Yes, I’m serious.  Run to your local Walgreens and thank me later.

To answer your question, no, I haven’t tried these.  I’m not going to toss out perfectly good money on something that I know will most likely give me flashbacks to last year.  I’m willing to buy a WHOLE lotta junk food, but I can’t imagine that Burger King perfected the taste of a hamburger potato chip.  If you try them, leave your comments here, and I’ll add them to the post.

I AM interested in eventually trying out the new Kraft Mac & Cheese Crackers however.  I would imagine they’re just like Cheez-Its, but with the trademark Kraft “yellow powder” as the cheese flavoring.  I won’t know any time soon though, because I refuse to spend four dollars on a small box of crackers.  When I see a sale, then we shall all know the truth!

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5 Responses to Burger King Joins The Potato Chip Craze

  1. bdp says:

    sorry, it’s me again, just let me clarify that I do NOT live in the USA.

  2. bdp says:

    wow. just wow. WOW. please tell me you live in the USA.


  3. Wazaam says:

    Honestly the “Bk ketchup and fries” are pretty good, seasoning is pretty tomato based so its a bit sweet. You also left out the new BK ONION RINGS, funyuns with the added brown powder for a “greasy-breaded” taste. as for the flamebroiled chips…those DO scare me….

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