K.T. Thai Cuisine Shutters Its Doors

The only Thai place in the Romeoville area has apparently closed up shop.  When and why it happened, I don’t have any word on, but when driving by it today to pick up some pizza at Rosati’s, the store front was dark, all of the decor already moved out with only a couple neon signs left in the windows.

As I wrote several months back, I used to love this independently owned place, but the quality had definitely gone down in the past couple years.  Many said it had to do with the wife earning her realty license, and no longer focusing on the restaurant as much as she once did.  Whether that’s true or not, I can’t say, but the change was definitely there.

Here’s hoping that two of the friendlier restaurant owners I’ve met find luck in whatever they do next.

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2 Responses to K.T. Thai Cuisine Shutters Its Doors

  1. Nick says:

    KT’s closing is bitter sweet for me. I used to frequent this place four years ago, but since the flavor and quality of the food has dropped significantly, I find myself totally disappointed the few times I gave KT another try. My other complaint about this place is that they serve you ultra-small portions of rice and charge you for additional rice — which is both unusual for Thai restaurants in general.

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